To remain competitive in the manufacturing industry today, automation is the direction all companies want to move to and implement. However, the cost can be a daunting prospect. Here at RMS we offer low cost automated solutions bespoke to your business at a price you will be pleasantly surprised with.


We can integrate robotics into almost any manually based operation, whether it’s operating a machine or assembling a part or product, we have the expertise to make your process more efficient and cost effective.

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If you are looking to increase your metal spinning capacity or are conscious of dwindling skill levels within the industry, then a Robotic Spinning application could be the answer. 

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RMS – Robotic Metal Spinning

Low cost, high Impact
solutions for your business


RMS Robotic  Applications

Our Robotic solutions can be applied to many  different industries in a vast number of ways. Most likely even ways you may not have even thought of ! – Have a look below at the list of possible applications that our machinery can be incorporated into.


• Machine Loading Robots
• Machine Tending Robots
• Material Handling Robots
• Robotic Spinning
• Robotic Welding

• Packaging Robots
• Palletising Robots
• Part Transfer Robots  
• Order Picking Robots

Save Time

• Collaborative Robots
• Dispensing Robots
• Injection Moulding Robots
• Pick and Place Robots
• Press Tending Robots
• Appliance Automation Robots
• Assembly Robots
• Bonding / Sealing Robots
• Cleanroom Robots

Save Costs

• Coating Robots
• Cutting Robots
• Deburring Robots
• Drilling Robots
• Fiberglass Cutting Robots
• Foundry Robots
• Grinding Robots
• Laser Cutting Robots
• Material Removal Robots

Enjoy Life…!

• Meat Processing Automation Robots
• Milling Robots
• Paint Robots
• Polishing Robots
• Refuelling Robots
• Routing Robots
• Sanding Robots
• Spindle Robots  

RMS Robotics is the first company in the world to utilise robotics as the primary function in metal spinning.

A simple robotic cell is a fraction of the cost of a CNC spinning machine and offers greater flexibility with ancillary operations such as cutting trimming beading. Processes can be fully automated improving efficiency by 25%.